Phone Sex Operator’s Guide to Sounding Sexy On the Phone

When speaking on a phone sex line, you want to sound as sexy as possible. As a woman, you have your sultry looks to your advantage but he can’t see you when you are using a phone chat service. This might be a little new to you but with some practice, you will be able to make your voice sound absolutely irresistible and inviting. Carry on reading to discover how to be as alluring as possible on the phone lines for guaranteed success.

Speak in a lower voice

While naturally as a woman, you have a higher pitched voice, you need to try and change this slightly. Men really do prefer lower and husky sounding voices on women, it sounds less harsh and it is just perfect for this type of work. A lower voice actually sounds more confident and as you know, confidence is everything and will help make your caller feel at ease too. Changing your voice in this way might seem a little strange at first but you will soon become a pro at making your voice sound this way when you are being sexy on a phone sex line. Don’t go overboard with the huskiness, keep it subtle otherwise it will sound extremely fake.

Lower your volume and speak a little slower

When you are talking to friends and family members on the phone, it is natural to speak a little quicker and louder but this is something you do not want to do in a phone sex session with a virtual stranger. When you lower the volume you are speaking in, it is instantly seen as naughty, like you are doing something you shouldn’t be. You should almost speak in a whisper because this a great way to get him really turned on. During particularly intimate parts of the conversation, you can talk in even more hushed tones and this is a great way to show your attraction to both him and what you are talking about.

Be intelligent

Being sexy only goes so far when you are on a phone sex line, you also should be somebody who can hold an intelligent conversation and somebody who he is excited to talk to. While a lot of the conversation is dirty, some men are just as happy to talk about their day. You need to come across as a competent and fun person, it’s important that you don’t constantly sound like you are reading off a script. Think before you say something, don’t just speak for the sake of it. Listen to what the other person is saying, if you sound like a robot, this is going to be a big turn-off for the majority of men. This will likely result in him moving on and finding another phone sex operator.

Give him a chance to speak

When engaged in phone sex , while it’s important that you talk, it’s also important that you listen. This goes hand in hand with speaking slower, it gives them a chance to talk in the gaps that you are leaving. Also ask questions, this is really important and shows that you are interested in getting to know him. Men love to feel important and this is probably one of the reasons why he is calling you in the first place. You will meet all different kinds of men on a phone sex service, those who love to talk and those who prefer to listen. After a short time talking to an individual, you should have a good idea of where he fits on the scale and you will be able to adapt your personality around that.

If you want to achieve your aim of keeping him interested on a phone sex line, you really need to work hard to hone the way you talk to him. This is in regards to your voice, your tone and the type of things that you say. Practice your voice in the mirror or even record yourself and listen back to it. While this might sound silly, it’s vital that you get it right. By putting all the mentioned points into action, you are going to become a phone sex expert and the men will be hanging on your every word.

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