Look Out for Minors Using Phone Chat Lines

Chatlines and phone dating sites serve as the quickest means of meeting new people, socializing, and instantly get a date. Making use of these call services are also easy and fast. This is why a lot of people are attracted to them – including those who are underage such as minors. Chat lines are only designed for adults, with an emphasis that every user has to be 18 or above.

Phone chat companies try as much as possible to honor the law by abiding by regulations set against minors using chat lines. They set up particular guidelines to make sure only those of the legal age participate in their dating community. Such companies go further to employ moderators to regularly monitor the system and there is a recorded prompt that always reminds users about this law. Despite this, there are curious minors that are eager to find out what is happening in chatlines that violate this regulation.

Why Minors Use Chat Lines?

There are teenage girls that feel that they will find maturity in older men. And because chatlines gives them the most convenient way of getting connected immediately with men, they dial the number. The fact that the service is only restricted to older individuals is something they can ignore easily.

Also, teenage boys use chatlines to feed their curiosity in sex and ladies. They have a feeling that older ladies are more open-minded, adventurous, and experienced regarding matters of sex. Therefore, they dial the number and hope they satisfy their desires. After all, they will not be discovered, and nobody will know about their lack of experience and their age.

Minors can be extremely gullible and impulsive. They are easily convinced by what they hear and they are impressed easily. It is obvious that teenagers, no matter their level of exposure still have that innocence. It is quite easy to get through to them and convince them to carry out acts that older adults will not accept to do.

Laws Regarding Having Sexual Conduct with Minors

Based on the recent US regulation, when a person involves in sexual conduct with a minor aged below 16, that is a felony that could result to spending over 40 years in prison. There are cases that suggest that adults can get convicted when they only sexually touch a body part of a minor. However, there is an exception if the guilty individual is below the age of 21, and the age different between him and the victim is below four years. Generally speaking, when you break the law and get involved in sexual conduct with a minor, you will be tagged a sex offender for the rest of your life.

There have been reports of law enforcement agencies creating fake profiles of underage girls on sites to lure potential pedophiles and sexual predators. Most people are not aware that various chatlines have special agents posing as minors as part of an operation meant to arrest perverts looking forward to engage in sexual acts with minors.

However, the likelihood of getting convicted is not the only reason that engaging in sexual conduct with minors is not right. Those relationships can end up causing problems to you, even if they agreed to it. Law enforcement agencies can still hold you responsible even if the minor lied to you about their age. If you engage in any sexual conduct with a minor, that can be termed statutory rape.

There have been cases of underage girls using chat lines to lure older men and consent to having sexual relations, only to accuse them later of rape with the aim of extorting money from them. There have been instances where adults involved put the blame on chat lines. However, chat line companies always defend themselves in court saying that they have made it clear that their services are only designed for adults. The companies are hardly found guilty for anything that happens when clients meet personally. Whenever there is a case involving sexual acts with teenagers, the law is not on the side of the adult.

It is best for adult users of chatlines to remain alert so they don’t end up with a minor. If you happen to come across an underage girl while using a chatline, try your best to avoid her. Never agree to have a meeting or even consider having sex with an underage girl – not even if she consents to it. Also, avoid using sexual and dirty words, and report her to the moderator

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